MYP Interdisciplinary Service Unit and the Sustainable Development Goals

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MYP Interdisciplinary Service Unit and the Sustainable Development Goals
Amanda Marcon

Seisen MYP students in grades 7 & 8 created digital, and hard copy, books containing original stories in English and other languages: Japanese, French, and Spanish for elementary students in developing countries.

Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th, and Wednesday 30th October saw MYP students in grades 7 and 8 in the process of an interdisciplinary/service unit aimed at supporting students educational needs in underdeveloped countries.

Students investigated the fairness of education in the developed and underdeveloped world through Sustainable Development Goal 4: equity in education. The relationship between success and achievement in life and society can be dependent on equity and access to education. We discussed issues around education and how Education can equal Empowerment. The girls have investigated what empowerment means and how it can impact on communities. Research and information from the United Nations and the OECD were some sources of investigation.

Students unpacked the conceptual, factual and debatable questions as a class and then in their groups. The design cycle is used to help develop their ideas and generate a product.

The student’s used prior knowledge and skills from Art, Design, Language Acquisition, and Language and Literature. MYP students will create digital, and hard copy, books containing original stories in mother tongue languages such as Japanese, French, Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Thai, and Spanish (with English subtitles) for elementary students in another country that have limited access to education.


The stories cover areas such as letters of the alphabet, learning to count numbers or short stories. These books will be sent on one of the designated Seisen Service trips such as Vietnam or Timor.

Statement of Inquiry - Equity and access to a good education are not fairly distributed around the world.


Key Concept: Relationships

Related Concept:  Sustainability

Global Context:  Fairness & development



Factual: What are the consequences of a lack of education?

Debatable: Does inequity in education impact our laws, rights and civic responsibilities?


Conceptual: How do relationships impact on communities around the world? 


Interdisciplinary Learning in the MYP

Interdisciplinary learning is not new to Seisen International School. For several years there have been various forms of integration amongst subject disciplines through multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and integrative approaches.

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