How students use approaches to learning (ATL) in the classroom

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How students use approaches to learning (ATL) in the classroom
Amanda Marcon

Recently Middle School parents learned about how student's contributions to the "Stories to Educate" unit will have a significant impact on the lives of elementary school children in Vietnam.

MYP Coffee Morning

Thursday 5th December, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) coffee morning was held in the art room with a presentation and discussion for parents. The focus was on how students used ATL's in the classroom and how these skills were applied throughout the interdisciplinary/service unit, "Story to Educate", undertaken by the grade 7 and 8 students.

Looking back to early November, Seisen International School teachers had an opportunity to unpack the International Baccalaureate's (IB) ATL framework lead by presenter Lance King who has written several books for the MYP and Diploma Programme (DP). Teachers listened to Lance King as he outlined 21st-century skills required by students and possibilities for explicit teaching of them. The professional development session provided teachers with various discussion points.

The MYP coffee morning presented parents with an opportunity to gain some insight into the ATL professional development session and how these skills are applied in the classroom. The "Story to Educate" unit helped students develop collaboration, creative thinking, and self-management skills which was a discussion point for parents.

The parents viewed the presentation students had witnessed for their "Story to Educate" project. The assessment process was discussed along with ATL links from the MYP to the DP. Parents also viewed the completed books in a printed format and were delighted with the outcome.

The student's displayed prior knowledge and skills from Art, Design, Language Acquisition, and Language and Literature. Students worked in groups and collaborated to design and create their books. The creativity displayed was evident through the variety of languages used and aesthetic qualities in their products. The girls worked to a deadline demonstrating active self-management following instructions with minimal direction from teachers. The books contained original stories in mother tongue languages such as Japanese, French, Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Thai, and Spanish (with English subtitles) to aid education for elementary students at our sister school in Vietnam. 

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 4 (equity in education) was the starting point used by students. The girl's contributions will have a significant impact on the lives of elementary school children in Vietnam, and the teachers are incredibly proud of their efforts. 

Amanda Marcon


Interdisciplinary Learning in the MYP

Interdisciplinary learning is not new to Seisen International School. For several years there have been various forms of integration amongst subject disciplines through multi-disciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and integrative approaches.

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