Morning Tea & PYP: The return to school (Virtual Parent Workshop)

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Morning Tea & PYP: The return to school (Virtual Parent Workshop)
Serrin Smyth

On Friday 16th October, 2020, we hosted our first Virtual Morning Tea & PYP Parent Workshop. 

Parents joined us online with a cup of tea in hand ready to discuss different aspects of the return to school for 2020-2021. 

We explored:

- What does teaching and learning currently look like in our context?

- What have we noticed as a school since students have returned?

- What have you noticed as parents about your child’s learning and development?

- What are some of the core curriculum areas we are focusing on since returning to school?

- How can you support your child in the development of these core curriculum areas through home learning?

- How teachers are supporting students in the approaches to learning and goal setting based on assessments?

- Action. How have you noticed your child taking action in response to their learning?

Parents shared their thoughts, such as:

- Students who don't have siblings have certainly enjoyed the return to school life - socialization and play! 

- Collaboration is happening in new and creative ways

- There have been many opportunities, such as creative problem solving and connectivity increasing

- Parents have noticed their children are more physically active now

- Children are thinking outside of the box with ways they can still connect and enjoy each others company within the safety measures in place

If you missed our session, here is the slideshow that guided our discussion:

We hope to see you at one of our next workshops...

Friday 6th November - Kindergarten Morning Tea & PYP

Friday 5th February - Grade 5 Exhibition Meeting for Parents

Friday 26th February - ES Morning Tea & PYP

Additionally, if you are able to support any of our units of inquiry, such as being a guest speaker or sharing your knowledge with us, please be in touch. 

Serrin Smyth

PYP Coordinator

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