Morning Tea & PYP: Kindergarten - A focus on the approaches to learning (Virtual)

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Morning Tea & PYP: Kindergarten - A focus on the approaches to learning (Virtual)
Serrin Smyth

On Friday 6th November 2020, we hosted our first Kindergarten Virtual Morning Tea & PYP Parent Workshop. 

Parents joined us online with a cup of tea in hand ready to discuss how we can support children in the development of the 'Approaches to Learning', specifically focusing on self management skills and the role parents can play in the further development of these skills.

We explored:

- What are the Approaches to Learning in the PYP

- Why are they important

- How the sub skills of the Approaches to Learning are being developed at Seisen International School

- How do we explicitly teach self management skills within Kindergarten

- Reflection - where do you think your child is currently in relation to these skills

- What are some strategies you can use at home to further develop these skills

Parents shared their thoughts, such as:

- the sorts of skills they use as adults today which they weren't taught at school, such as empathy, money management and dealing with frustrations

- examples of the types of skills they feel their child does well and/or they wish to see their child develop further, such as knowing how to join in others play, self managing when support is giving, helping others and completing tasks on time

- practical ways parents are already supporting the developing of life skills, such as reading picture story books and exploring the situations and characters and role play

If you missed our session, here is the slideshow that guided our discussion:

We hope to see you at one of our next workshops in Semester Two - details to come!

Additionally, if you see your child taking action as a result of their learning at school, we would LOVE to hear about it! As action is often taken outside of the learning environment, we often don't know about these opportunities that you as parents are witness to, even a short email telling us about something your child did or said at home as a result of their learning helps us know how the PYP is supporting the development of life long learners that take action!

Many thanks, 

Serrin Smyth

PYP Coordinator

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