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Learning to Learn!
Serrin Smyth

A focus on Learning to Learn!

As we have warmly welcomed back our students and teachers to school, our focus for the first two weeks is...

"Learning to Learn"


Teachers chose this focus as a way of reengaging with our new learning environment, developing a shared understanding of how we can keep healthy & safe at school, learning ways to safely collaborate with each other and really getting to understand the students as learners in order to support their learning and their needs.

Students have been inquiring into the concepts of health & safety, well-being and community & interactions. 

They have been exploring these questions in their homeroom and single subject classes: 

Grade 1 & 2: 

- Why do we need to be safe?
- How can we be safe?
- Who are we keeping safe?
- How do we enjoy our new way of learning?
- How do we overcome new challenges?
- How can we build relationships and connect?
- How can we work together safely?
- How do my actions or choices affect others?

Grade 3, 4, 5: 

- How can we develop our wellbeing?
- How can we safely work together?
- What are our roles and responsibilities in our community (personal and shared) ?
- What can safe interactions look like?
- How can we build our sense of community? 
- How can we maintain our holistic wellbeing? 
- What contributes to our wellbeing?
- How is our wellbeing important for our learning ? 
- How does our mindset affect our wellbeing? 

Together with their teachers, they have been developing common language, agreements for safe interactions and learning and getting to know themselves as a learner. 

Here are some examples of teachers and students developing their understandings and contributing to this inquiry: 

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