Climb Mount Fuji Fitness Initiative!

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Climb Mount Fuji Fitness Initiative!
Serrin Smyth

Climb Mount Fuji Fitness Initiative!

The Seisen International School PE Department have been running a fitness initiative in the Elementary School called the ‘ Virtual Climb to Mount Fuji Challenge’!


The purpose of this initiative was to place emphasis on the mental and physical well-being of all in our community during these challenging Covid-19 times. In light of the cancellation of SASA and some in-school activities due to Covid-19, the initiative was developed to encourage students to continue participating in physical activity and to set individual physical challenges for themselves in order to improve well-being. In addition, it provides a physical and mental break from homeroom and academic learning in order to return to class refreshed and ready to learn again!

Each grade level has been assigned a week where they get into the house spirit and bring their t-shirts to wear, use pedometers to track steps and engage in 10 minutes of speed walking, to see how many steps they can take within the time frame given. 

The goal is for each participant to engage in this step challenge to virtually climb the famous Mount Fuji in our wonderful host country of Japan. 


Students have certainly enjoyed seeing the running tally board in the Cafeteria where the overall count is updated weekly. 

Equally, the students from other grades have enjoyed cheering each other on during the walk, encouraging house spirit and collegiality between the house groups and grade levels. 


We are also hoping that this will encourage the students to not only be more aware of setting goals and working toward them but that they are capable of being conscious of their activity and steps OUTSIDE of Seisen.  Have they encouraged you as a family to take up the challenge and walk more?

With our newly appointed House Leaders in Grade 5, we look forward to seeing what exciting new House Initiatives they will develop for us too!

Many thanks to our wonderful PE Department for continuing to keep us moving, actively focusing on strengthening our well-being and encouraging balance within our lives

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