What is ToK and why does it matter?

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What is ToK and why does it matter?
Dean Bevan

Mr Granger, the Seisen Theory of Knowledge Coordinator explains the role of ToK in the Diploma Program.

The Theory of Knowledge course lies at the centre of the Diploma program and mirrors the value of developing reflective and critically reflective persons. The course invites students to explore the nature of their own perspectives and the perspectives of others as they intersect with areas of knowledge under study.

IB TOK at Seisen

The class of 2022 have begun their study of the nature of knowledge and the process of knowing with the Core Themeknowledge and the knower. 

In this introductory unit students will explore the different knowledge communities they belong to and how these communities shape their own thinking.

These learning objectives are currently being explored using the core theme elements: scope, methods, perspectives, and ethics. Discussion using these elements

is provoked using with the proposition of knowledge questions. For example, when exploring "scope" students consider the question, How do we distinguish claims that are contestable from claims that are not?

With regard to "perspectives", students will reflect on whether there are types of knowledge specifically linked to particular communities of knowers? These questions are designed to support rich discussion about knowledge and accuracy and under what circumstances knowledge grows and changes. The course places a great deal of focus on these elements with the aim of developing dispositions of international mindedness, encouraging the consideration of the richness and diversity of different perspectives that are bounded in complicated issues, and to avoid superficial polarized thinking-this speaks to why ToK is as the core of the DP curriculum.

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