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IBDP Subject Selection Timeline

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IBDP Subject Selection Timeline
Dean Bevan

Timeline for Grade 10 IBDP subject selections

As school year is now in full swing, no doubt students (and parents) are considering which subjects to take for the IB Diploma. Over the coming months information will be shared with students and parents to help them make an informed decision. The following is a timeline of the process.


  • DP Handbook is shared with grade 10 students and parents.
  • Preliminary survey to enable Seisen to get a general sense of what areas students are considering studying at the IBDP - this is to help us identify staffing and resource needs during hiring season. It is not meant to be students final decision.


  • Subject Information sessions will be conducted online.
  • DP Session with Mr Bevan.
  • Students are encouraged to speak to teachers about courses they potentially may take.


  • Students will select subjects including level - this selection should be the final selection.
  • Discussion with students, parents/parents and teachers if students' choices do not align with the recommendations in terms of them taking a higher level course which may be too challenging.


  • IBDP course selections sent to HS Principal for the coming academic year

Aug/Sept - Beginning of Grade 11.

  • Once enrolled in the course the students will be permitted one month to switch to another course. However, schedule constraints and class sizes may not permit this.
  • Any request to switch courses must be approved by the DP Coordinator and the students parents.

Many thanks,

Mr Bevan

IBDP Coordinator

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