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Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn.


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Seisen Alumni Involved in Social Justice Through The Arts

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Seisen Alumni Involved in Social Justice Through The Arts
Doug Brittain

Two Seisen Graduates have continued their dance training on opposite coasts in the US. You can catch both of them online in upcoming events.

Lisa Kwak (Class of 2014) and Fiona Oba (Class of 2011) learned dance by taking lessons after school in the Seisen Kindergarten Hall.  Fiona took from kindergarten in Marigold class until her graduation in 2011.  Lisa and Fiona danced together, most notably in Alice in Wonderland in 2010 - a performance recital in Tokyo with about 500 in attendance.

They have both continued their dance training on opposite coasts in the US. You can catch both of them online in upcoming events.

1) Lisa Kwak

Lisa Kwak

Lisa Kwak is dancing on September 23rd and the video will be posted for 72 hours.  Lisa has been active with the Black Lives Matter protests in Seattle.   She posted recently....

"I've had the chance to be a part of an important piece of work this summer.  This film is the creation of 3 powerful black women.  Please watch."

Remind, Remember
a work by Even Sanford
Presented by PRICEarts
72 hour access available at
4 pm Friday September 25th in Seattle (8 am Saturday, September 26, 2020 in Tokyo and 72 hours from then. So would that be until next Tuesday)

More on the work Lisa is doing:

2) Fiona Oba

Fiona Oba

Pre-register at Alison Cook Beatty Dance
Registration is free, Donation of $20 is suggested.
The event is 9 am on Sunday October 4th in Tokyo.
(Saturday, 8 pm in New York City.)

Act 1 - Fiona Oba in a solo filmed in black and white in Central Park - entitled Pieridae (a species of butterfly)
Act 2 - In Spite of / Because of the Wallpaper (a parody of how people were "climbing the walls" during the lockdown/ filmed with green screen
Act 3 - From My Window to Yours (an excerpt) - footage filmed from each individual dancer's apartment as they faced the isolation in NYC
Act 4 - Finale - This is the baseball field ballet with the entire dance company dancing masked.  Their baseball costumes were designed by an immigrant who passed by the field and watched their practices.

More on the work Fiona is doing:


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    As we begin this new school year and students adjust to being back in the classroom, one of our primary goals is to help them learn how to learn.

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    Please help the Seisen Medical Careers Club meet their goal of donating 400 handmade masks by June 3rd.

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    Our hope is that families will be able to take advantage of this extended four-day weekend to spend quality time together, and to nurture health and well-being.

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    All members of the community are invited to participate in a Holy Thursday prayer service this Thursday, April 9th at 4pm and a Good Friday Stations of the Cross prayer service on Friday at 3pm.

    As the reality of another week of distance learning and disruption of our regular routines sets in this week, I’d like to focus on keeping it simple and go back to some parenting basics.

    Whether in Tokyo or abroad, many of us are under self-quarantine. It is important to be aware of cabin fever syndrome – rooted in the feeling of confinement and isolation for an uncertain period of time.

    At this time, we would like to encourage our community to take the time to practice self-care.  We might find this to be a highly stressful and challenging period.  We can help manage our anxiety by acknowledging and discussing our feelings about this situation with loved ones or with myself as the KG/ Elementary counselor who is trained and equipped to deal with stressful situations like this.