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August Weekend Events in the Seisen Neighbourhood

Setagaya prepares to host Team USA and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Equestrian events.

We are only one year away from the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. There are many sports and cultural events planned in the city leading up to this global event.

Setagaya is the official Host Town of the US Olympic team. Their pre-olympic training camp will be help at Okura Sports Ground near Kinuta park in early July 2020.

Equestrian events for the Olympics and Paralympics will be held just down the street from Seisen at Baji Koen. 

For the next two weekends there will be a number of summer festivals in the neighbourhood for families to enjoy.

Uma-Machi Plus

August 24th & 25th (10AM to 4PM)

(Plaza in front of Baji-koen)

Setagaya has been a horse town since hosting the 1964 Olympic equestrian events.


Shoin Temple Street Festival

Sunday, August 25th (12:00 to 5:30 PM)

(Near Wakabayashi and Shoin-jinja stations)

Tokyo Big Bon-Odori Festival

Saturday, August 31st and Sunday September 1st (11AM to 8PM)

(Komazawa Park Central Plaza)


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Seisen International School is delighted to once again be hosting Positive Discipline  certification workshops.  Positive Discipline in the Classroom will take place on September 21 and 22, 2019 and Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way will be offered on October 5 and 6, 2019.  

Registration is now open for Positive Discipline in the Classroom course for teachers and school staff.  You can register at  The early bird deadline is Thursday, August 22nd.  Registration for Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way will open on Monday, September 2nd.  If there are any problems with the link, the registration form is also here.

Rooted in the theories of Alfred Adeler and Rudolf Dreikurs, and developed by Dr. Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott, Positive Discipline in the Classroom is a research-based classroom management program that empowers teachers with skills to build their students' sense of community, prepare them for successful living and increase academic achievement.  Through experiential learning, participants will strengthen skills to help students practice better cooperation and problem-solving, develop self-regulation and responsibility, and create a learning environment firmly grounded in mutual respect.

This 2-day certification workshop is for teachers, counselors and administrators who strive to cultivate a respectful, compassionate, and safe learning environment for all. 

Early bird registrants will enjoy a 5.000JPY discount on the workshop.  Please see for more details and to register.  

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Cristina at


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First Day of the 19-20 School Year

Our Head of School, Ms, Colette Rogers, starts the 19-20 school year with a morning prayer.

Today Marked the first day of classes for students in Grades 2 to 10. Our Grade 11 and 12 students started yesterday and then left today for their class trips to Gunma and Seoul. Here is a look at the morning with our Morning Prayer from our Head of School, Ms. Colette Rogers.

19-20 First Day Morning Prayer

 By Ms. Colette Rogers, Head of School


Let us pause as we will each morning in this our year of

“Learning to Love, and Loving to Learn, Through Courage and Commitment” 


Dear Lord, 

We ask you to bless us at the start of the school year.

Bless us with courage to form new friendships and courage to try new things.

Bless our new students and our new teachers and staff members

as they start a new adventure in their lives by becoming members of the Seisen Community.


Bless us with a sense of commitment to one another,

To what is just, to what is globally minded

To what is healthy physically and emotionally.


Bless us with a sense of commitment to the Seisen Mission

And to the sisters of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


We ask Mother Mary to help protect us from all harm

And Saint Raphaela to inspire us with her spirit of service.


And we ask this through Christ Our Lord, Amen


A warm welcome back to everybody in the Seisen International School Community.

We look forward to working together, playing together and to pray together.


Have a wonderful year everybody.

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