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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school, its mission, its community and how you and your family can become a part of this thriving community of learners. 

We know that making choices for the type of education you wish your child to experience is of the utmost importance to you. Here at Seisen International School, we are committed to offering clear, transparent and personalized guidance about our school and its admissions process.

 We look forward to being in contact with you throughout the application phase and listening to what matters to you. Welcoming you to the warm and supportive community that is Seisen International School is our goal.

Let one of our Seisen Student Ambassadors in Middle or High School show your child what Seisen has to offer by shadowing for a day.

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For school tours or to arrange for Student Shadowing please contact our Admissions Director.

Ninnette Trout

Admissions, Records & Marketing

Mimi Akai

Admissions, Records & Marketing

Great Teachers Wanted

If you are an experienced teacher interested in joining our highly trained team please review our Safeguarding Policy and learn more on our Employment page.

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Joining the Seisen Community

Grounded in the Catholic Mission of our school, the faculty and staff at Seisen International School believes in a community that is supportive and inclusive of a diverse population of students. 

Seisen International School encourages applications irrespective of the child or family member’s race, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation,or religion. 
Central to acceptance to attend Seisen International School as a family is the sincere support of our Mission as a Catholic International School.

Our Families

What being part of the Seisen community means to us.

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Tsuji Family

“As an international school graduate and father of two boys , I have gotten to know Seisen and its environment from many angles throughout the years. I share many precious memories with Seisen graduates and have been blessed to get to know the faculty and staff after enrolling both my sons in Seisen kindergarten. My wife and I wanted my eldest son to experience a Montessori education before St.Mary’s and my youngest son is currently following in his footsteps. I was delighted to see both my sons enjoy and learn so much in Seisen’s unique environment and am grateful to share this special experience with them. Seisen’s education system had always impressed me as a student, and now as a father, I feel the curriculum has kept evolving and enhancing year after year. Needless to say, I have utmost faith in Seisen’s highly trained and experienced teachers who continue to provide a priceless education to all. 

We love Seisen and are proud to be a part of the greater Seisen family!”

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Ogilvy Family

“What does it mean to be a Seisen family? 

To me, it's an opportunity to be a part of an international community here in Japan of families that want the best possible futures for their daughters. 

The school community provides a nurturing environment where our daughter can grow and develop. She knows that while she always has a helping hand when she needs it, that she is empowered to step out of her comfort zone and to 'find her voice'. The school recognises and understands that every girl is unique and provides them with the support and guidance, as and when they need it. 

The school community provides a strong stable base helping our daughter to be globally minded in a complex and ever-changing world. We see this coming through, both via the education provided by the school but also the diverse international student population that she sees in class every day. This gives us confidence as parents, that our daughter will be able to navigate whatever challenges she finds in the future. 

Maybe most importantly, we have had the opportunity to meet some amazing families here in Tokyo and we look forward to remaining friends for many years to come as our daughters grow up together.”

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Pham-The Family

To be a Seisen family means:

  • appreciating all the dedicated faculty members who work diligently everyday to empower and inspire our daughters 
  • having access to an excellent IB program led by a strong and stable faculty with a diverse leadership team
  • providing our daughters with a well-rounded approach to education so they can shine and be the most that they can be 
  • embodying Christian values where our daughters can grow to become competent and compassionate global citizen
  • empowering our daughters to be themselves, to speak their minds, to build character and confidence in a supportive environment
  • assuming a shared responsibility for our daughters’ learning, growth, health and well-being



Seisen International School prepares students to continue their education at some of the finest post secondary institutions around the world.

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