Tuition & Fees

The Value of Seisen

Graduates of Seisen International School continue their education at top universities around the world.

Admission Fees (New Students)

School Fees 2024-2025

Application Fees
  ¥ 20,000

Initial Fees 

Registration Fee ¥ 300,000
Land and Building Development Fee ¥ 500,000
Annual Fees
Building Maintenance ¥ 100,000
  Kindergarten Half Day


  Kindergarten Full Day


Tuition Elementary (Grades 1-5)


  Middle School (Grades 6-8)


  High School (Grades 9-12)


Additional Fees
ES Tablet * ¥81,000
Grade 12 Graduation Fee ¥30,000
IB Exams (per subject)  ¥20,000


(Application and Initial Fees are one-time and non-refundable)

Bus and School Trip Costs Below

*ES Tablet(new and returning students entering G3, new G4 students and new G5 students need to purchase an iPad through the school.

Corporate Contribution Plan

Corporate scholarship program for foreign based corporations responsible for expatriate employees' educational expenses.

Please contact the Business Office for further information.

Additional Fee Details