Criteria & Procedures

A culture of collaboration, problem-solving, empathy, respect, and open-mindedness.

We believe that the education of our students is based upon a partnership between the home and the school. We believe that effective communication between parents, students and the school, is essential to the students social and emotional wellbeing and academic success. English is the language of communication, instruction and inclusion for our community, while valuing the linguistic diversity present in our community. It is therefore essential that at least one parent can communicate in English with the school and can understand any written communication coming from the school or posted on the parent portal of the school website.

We believe that all students have an equal right to a high-quality education.

The school strives to respond to the needs of individual students, within its resources. We work to achieve this by creating a culture of collaboration, problem-solving, empathy, respect, and open-mindedness from the onset of the initial application process. 

Admissions Policy

Seisen’s admissions policy sets out the criteria for admitting students to the school. 
The School exists primarily to meet the needs of expatriate families whose children require an English-speaking education and for whom, due to lack of local language acquisition, other schools may not be a viable option.

We are not a boarding facility and we do not sponsor student visas.

PROCESS - Inquiry - Application - Enrollment

Inquiries and Application Fees