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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our school, its mission, its community and how you and your family can become a part of this thriving community of learners. 

We know that making choices for the type of education you wish your child to experience is of the utmost importance to you. Here at Seisen International School, we are committed to offering clear, transparent and personalized guidance about our school and its admissions process.

 We look forward to being in contact with you throughout the application phase and listening to what matters to you. Welcoming you to the warm and supportive community that is Seisen International School is our goal.

Let one of our Seisen Student Ambassadors in Middle or High School show your child what Seisen has to offer by shadowing for a day.

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For school tours or to arrange for Student Shadowing please contact our Admissions Director.

Ninnette Trout

Admissions, Records & Marketing

Sheila O'Donoghue

Kindergarten Principal

Great Teachers Wanted

If you are an experienced teacher interested in joining our highly trained team please review our Safeguarding Policy and learn more on our Employment page.

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Joining the Seisen Community

Grounded in the Catholic Mission of our school, the faculty and staff at Seisen International School believes in a community that is supportive and inclusive of a diverse population of students. 

Seisen International School encourages applications irrespective of the child or family member’s race, national origin, ethnic origin, sexual orientation,or religion. 
Central to acceptance to attend Seisen International School as a family is the sincere support of our Mission as a Catholic International School.

Our Families

What being part of the Seisen community means to us.

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Bevan Family pop up

Bevan Family

What does it mean to be a Seisen family? 

My daughter Ayame has been a student at Seisen for over 12 years. She entered kindergarten and is now undertaking her IB studies in grade 11

We chose Seisen because of its academic reputation, and the ability to undertake the IB curriculum

Over the years we have seen our daughter grow and become a confident open-minded young lady. Through the dedicated and caring teachers and the open and flexible mantra of the school

We have also grown up with Ayame. Passionately following her participation is basketball Volleyball and many other activities. Meeting many of her friend’s parents and building strong and lasting relationship with them all.

The school has a wonderfully international and diverse population It actively empowers our daughters and encourages them to thrive in everything that they do.

We are passionate about Seisen and actively promote the school to all we meet.

Sai Family pop up

Sai Family

What does it mean to be a Seisen family?  

“It means we are proud of our heritages as well as respect the diverse community that embraces us. We are connected through the charitable causes that remind us to be humble and hold gratitude in our hearts. A Seisen family is resilient and will persevere in challenging times because the strength of our faith and core value will guide us through. We entrust and stride alongside with Seisen to guide our children to learn with their hearts and to think with their critical, open minds. But most of all, we share the common goal to prepare our children for the path to find their aspirations in future endeavors. 

For us, Seisen family is a bond that strengthens with time and welds friendships into family."

Barber Family pop up

Barber Family

To be a Seisen family means...

  • to be part of the school community, teaming up with the staff and other parents to enhance and enrich your daughter’s education (and to find fun and fulfillment in the process!).
  • to appreciate that a good education is more than academic excellence, but also involves the character-building and empowerment of girls to step out into our world and make a difference as future leaders.
  • to embrace and celebrate diversity, understanding that it is a source of strength, fresh ideas and inspiration (not to mention great food - check out the Festival of Nations!).
  • to belong to a school with Christian roots, but also an open mind and universal values and an emphasis on putting those values into action through service to the community.
  • to see yourself as part of a global community with a vested interest in making our world a better place.

Phelps Family pop up

Phelps Family

What does it mean to be a Seisen family? 

"On arriving Japan back in 2007 we were warmly welcomed by Seisen and our four year old quickly settled into Bluebell kindergarten class.  Since that time Seisen has been very much part of our daily lives not only from the aspect of providing a well rounded education to our three daughters but a strong sense of belonging.  

Our whole family has found friendships within the Seisen community and we can rely on access to structured support from within the school to informal contact with teachers and other mums and dads in the area.  

A strong and stable faculty, an excellent IB program and a diverse and fun social calendar all make us proud to be part of the Seisen family!

Seisen International School prepares students to continue their education at some of the finest post secondary institutions around the world.

The Seisen Experience

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