We believe in our students.
We have faith that each student can, with encouragement and guidance, be a constructive member of society.
They can all become global citizens and leaders, motivated and equipped to live in a fast-changing world and committed to making a difference just as St. Raphaela did in her day.

Who gives to Seisen?

From the small beginnings in Gotanda in the 1960s, through the move to the Yoga Campus in the 1970s, and into the 21st century Seisen International School has used donations to improve and grow. Support from parents, former parents, grandparents, alumni, current and former faculty, companies and friends assist the school in offering a world class educational experience. All gifts regardless of size collectively make a big difference to Seisen International School students.

Each year the Seisen Parent's Association (SPA) is the school's largest donor. Money raised through the Festival of Nations, BINGO and numerous other parent lead events make 
Visit the SPA page to learn more about the many ways they have helped. More About SPA

Donating directly for the future of the school

Your gift helps us demonstrate that our community is committed to our mission. Individuals, families and companies donate to Seisen International School because they believe in our mission and want to help us achieve it.

How Can I Donate?

What are the ways I can help?

How Can I Learn More?



Elementary students share the Seisen International School Missions Statement and Guiding Principles in their own words.

Artwork by Amber


Mission Statement

Seisen is a Catholic International School.  We educate our students in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.  We provide a safe, warm and challenging environment where students develop knowledge, skills, interests and talents and become caring members of a global society who reach out to others in friendship and hope.  Our students help to create a more peaceful world.

(5A & B)

Artwork by: Mao


We believe that educated girls can help create a better world


Artwork by Lynn


Our students are members of many different faith traditions.  We believe in respecting all within our Catholic school community


Artwork by Emma


Our students come from many different cultures and countries.  We believe in celebrating diversity and developing an openness, curiosity and appreciation of other peoples and cultures


Artwork by Lizuki


We believe in creating a better, more just and peaceful world through social justice


Artwork by Ryoko


We reach out to others in friendship and hope


Artwork by Cocomi


Seisen is a family, we build community in our classes, in our school and in our world


Artwork by Vidushi


We care for and respect our planet; its plants, animals and people

(1A & 1B)

Artwork by Elizabeth


We appreciate ourselves and others with their individual gifts and talents.  We share our gifts in service and in love


Artwork by Victoria