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Donating Handmade Masks

Please help the Seisen Medical Careers Club meet their goal of donating 400 handmade masks by June 3rd.


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Photo Archives

Graduation Photos

The graduation photos in the school hallway begin with our first graduating class in 1974. We are archiving digitized versions of these photos. It gives everyone a chance to see them and also to preserve them for all time.

This is the hallway where we currently have over 40 years of graduation photos.

I removed the 1974 class photo from the wall and scanned it. As you can see it has deteriorated considerably over the years. One reason for this archives page is to preserve these photos before they become even worse.

I was able to obtain a better image of the above photo, so I'm starting the gallery below with a high quality photo of the class of 1974, the first graduating class at Seisen International School. I found three 1975 grad photos.

Clicking the link under the photo will open a tab with a high resolution image suitable for printing.