Positive Discipline Tool of the Month: Family Meetings

A great way to open up or strengthen the lines of communication within your family is by having weekly family meetings.  Family meetings are an effective tool because all members get to have a voice and the freedom to express themselves.  They also teach important life skills such as respectful communication, problem solving, and responsibility. 

On Wednesday, October 17th, I will be holding my first parent workshop of the year from 7pm-8:30pm in the Drama room. In addition to safeguarding, we will also explore the Positive Discipline approach to family meetings. I hope to see many of you there! 


Learning to Love, Loving to Learn

Strengthening our Seisen bond, Spreading Seisen spirit

Seisen Former Students' Association was established in August 2010 to unite all former students of Seisen. Our key mission is to establish a global community of Seisen former students and provide a network for everyone to connect with each other, remain connected to Seisen, and keep updated on the school's current news and events. Our association is 5,000 former students strong. Ninety-five percent of our former students live outside Japan. We work together from across the globe to strengthen our Seisen bond, spread Seisen spirit, and make our association as great as it can be.


  • President Mary Chu (‘81)
  • Vice President Nozomi Shinoda ('76)
  • Secretary Marie Gaardahl ('10)
  • Treasurer Kazue Yoshimura ('80)

Contact us at

If you are a former student of Seisen International School, please register.

Alumni News

Mariam Tamari (Class of 1990) Sings for Grade 4
Douglas Brittain
Class of 1997 20th Reunion in Tokyo, Japan
Mary Chu

Class of 1997 will have its 20th Reunion on the weekend of November 4, 2017 in Tokyo, Japan.  November 4 will be exclusive to the class (and partners).  November 5 will be an afternoon tea which will be open to those friends and teachers who would like to attend.  For more information, please email us at seisenformerstudents@seisen.com.  Congratulations, Class of '97 and welcome home!

ALUMNI BOOTH 2017 at Festival of Nations on Saturday, October 7, 2017
Mary Chu

Our big Alumni Booth is on Saturday, October 7, 2017 (rain date is Sunday, October 8)!  We are excited and have been planning for the last few months.  Sr. Asuncion, Sr. Concesa, and the Sisters will be with us all day.  This year, we will be welcoming Sr. Concesa back at Seisen and our Alumni Booth after five years in Rome.  We have missed her so much!

We would like to ask for volunteers and baked goods donations for our booth.  Store bought is okay.  We will happily accept all donations.  For us, it's the idea that as many alumni participate in our Alumni Booth in any way they can.  For those abroad, there are ways that you can be involved, too.  This is our Alumni Booth which represents over 5,000 Seisen alumni.  Everyone is welcome.  We are all part of Seisen Family forever.

Together, it is our hope that we can make this year's Alumni Booth even better than last year.  We are about the Seisen spirit and always support our great school.  We donate all sales to Seisen.

If you would like to volunteer and/or donate baked goods, please email us seisenformerstudents@seisen.com by Friday, September 29, 2017.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Ad Finem Fidelis.

Class of 1987 30th Reunion in Tokyo, Japan
Mary Chu

Class of 1987 will be celebrating their 30th Reunion on July 14 and July 15, 2017 in Tokyo.  It will be a joint reunion with St. Mary's and ISSH.  July 14 event will be open to Class of '85-'89 and July 15 joint dinner for the '87 alumni only.  For more information, please contact seisenformerstudents@seisen.com.  Congratulations, Class of 1987!

Graduation 2017 and Seisen Spirit Award
Mary Chu

Seisen Former Students' Association welcomed Class of 2017 and presented its sixth Seisen Spirit Award at High School Graduation on Sunday, May 28, 2017.  This year's Seisen Spirit Award recipient is Maya Yamagata '17.  Maya was recognized for her outstanding Seisen spirit and pride.  Congratulations, Class of 2017 and Maya Yamagata!  Welcome to your alumni association!

Seisen on Social Media

    Seisen International School has as it’s focus with the Student Safeguarding Policy, current students, families and faculty. As a result we are following international standards of student safeguarding as directed by our accrediting body the Council of International Schools and New England Association of Schools and Colleges. In fact , another new initiative in our safeguarding focus is that all parents/ guardians K to 12 will require an ID badge when on campus. Therefore, anyone who is not a current staff member, faculty member or student will be required to sign in and have a visitor’s badge. As you know, Seisen is a busy school so advanced noticed is appreciated even if it is just dropping by to say hello.

    We hope that it is clear that former students and colleagues are always welcome to attend games and concerts. We hope that our community effort to safeguard students during the regular school day is appreciated and understood as an integral component of our continued commitment to student well being and safety.

    Visiting Seisen

    Message from Mrs. Colette Rogers, Head of School, regarding Seisen visits.

    Dear Seisen Former Students Association,

    As the Seisen International School community awaits the start of the new school year, I wanted to write to you regarding new safety and security measures now at Seisen and ask for your cooperation should you intend to visit your 'second home'.

    Since the 2016 - 2017 school year we have explicitly stated in our mission statement the commitment of Seisen International School to provide 'a safe environment' for our students. This commitment has resulted in a Student Safeguarding policy, a code of conduct for faculty, a mandatory reporting system, as well as campus renovations with a view to upgrading safety and security for staff and students alike. Our commitment to training our faculty and staff has involved intensive training with Mr Tim Gerrish OBE during the past days of orientation at the start of this school year.
    We love having former students come to visit but would ask as a courtesy that you let us know a few days in advance through info@seisen.com so as we can arrange a tour for you. If you are a more recent former student - from 2014 on - who may still have family, former teachers, and friends at Seisen we welcome you to drop by but to still follow the requested procedures.

    As we move forward into the 2017 - 2018 school year we now have a code of conduct for visitors to our campus:

    Colette Rogers
    Head of School
    Seisen International School
    1-12-15 Yoga,
    Setagaya - ku,
    Tokyo 158 - 0097