Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Our school motto for the 2022 - 2023 school year is
 "Learning to Love and Loving to Learn with Hearts by Honoring Our Legacy and Celebrating Our Diversity"

As a Catholic institution Pope Francis calls on us to have hearts open to the whole world. 
He invokes the Holy Spirit in part of a prayer delivered at the tomb of Saint Francis 
"Come Holy Spirit show us your beauty, reflected in all the peoples of the earth, so that we may discover anew that all are important and all are necessary, different faces of the one humanity that God so loves"
Central to our School MIssion this year is further planning for addressing DEIJ ( Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice) and the call of Pope Francis to 'what our common brotherhood requires of us', as we continue to commit to reaffirming the dignity of every human person created in the image and likeness of God.
Our learning as a school community will certainly be in itself an exercise in differentiation, as we are all at different stages of our understanding of DEIJ. We need to be open to being respectful in the dialogue and debate that will no doubt ensue.

Statement of Non Discrimination

As part of our continuing journey in our DEIJ work as a Catholic school,  our Statement of Non Discrimination has been revised with the advisement and approval of Sr Fukasawa, the Chairperson of the Seisen Jogakuin Incorporated Educational Institution. Feedback was also garnered from the DEIJ Steering Committee and the Leadership Team. 

New Statement of Non Discrimination:
At Seisen International School we foster an inclusive community that values and celebrates the experiences of people of different faith traditions, races, ethnicities, nationalities, genders, gender identities, sexual orientations, family structures, economic positions, physical abilities, and learning profiles*.  We follow the call of Pope Francis to 'what our common brotherhood requires of us',  and we commit to reaffirming the dignity of every human person created in the image and likeness of God.

Seisen International School is committed to the principle of equal opportunity in education and employment and does not discriminate against individuals on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status or physical disability.

*Learning Profiles can encompass the following information about a student

  • Skills, strengths, and interests
  • Aspirations and passions
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Life experiences
  • How the student likes to learn
  • Struggles or potential barriers to learning

Gender Diversity Statement

As awareness of gender and sexuality discrimination increases around the world, we remind ourselves that:

Gender equality and women empowerment are core elements of our school’s identity and belief system. As an “all-girls” school (1-12), we dismantle stereotypes, promote equality between genders, and actively pursue the progress of women’s rights. 

As a Catholic international school, we are committed to creating a community in which all can express themselves and grow in their humanity. In the spirit of Christ, we strive to be open-minded and compassionate towards those who are marginalized and respect each person’s human dignity. 

A sense of belonging and security in one's multifaceted identity acts as a foundation for an authentic sense of self and confidence to achieve one’s life mission.

We stand with the LGBTQIA+ community. Our school mission to foster wellbeing and provide a safe environment is embodied by the acts of loving and accepting one another in our diversity. We are committed to developing the skills and knowledge to be true allies and provide a safe space for all.

DEIJ Steering Committee

Chairperson - Dr Eeqbal Hassim
Board Representative - Sr Concesa Martin
Senior Leadership Team Representative -  Alex Lee

Naho Maiya
Veronica Gomes
Katelyn Boyle
Bethany Dawson
Erika Egawa
Aiko Yamakita
Ema Alatini

Head of School - Colette Rogers

Neuro Diversity

Patrick Frain
Amy Wilson
Jon Peto
Joji Muyuela
Naho Maiya
Veronica Gomes
Michael Steele
Rosa Alo
Brenda Schafer

Gender Diversity

Katie Tenenbaum
Bill Skulmoski
Kate Nikolai
Janet Fuentes
Luke Mernagh
Katelyn Boyle
Bethany Dawson

Cultural Diversity

Ninette Trout
Silvia Ndhlovu
Emily Jimenez
Sanja Imai
Serrin Smyth
Erika Egawa
Lara Magtalas
Devika Suri
Regina Ekaputri


Eric Usher
Greg Walters
Matt Granger
Ema Alatini
Zeba Yunus
Aiko Yamakita
Aki Fukuda

Our ongoing journey