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In the 58 year history of Seisen International School, from the founding of the school by the Sisters of the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1962, through its many stages of evolution to the school it is today, the school community has encountered profound blessings and also, at times, challenging circumstances. 

However, generations past of families, faculty, and administration have not had to face the serious international public health crisis that is COVID-19 and its far-reaching effects on our community here in Tokyo and worldwide.

 We draw on the inspiration and faith of these generations past who crafted the mission of our school, honored it, and left us with firm foundations to stand united in Support and Solidarity for the 2020-2021 school year and beyond. 

The Purpose of this Document

“In Support and Solidarity - Welcome Back Home to Seisen International School”  is to outline the commitment of Seisen International School to live the certainty of our school mission in the uncertain times of COVID-19.

“Seisen, a Catholic International School, educates future world citizens to become men and women for others and with others, in the spirit of Jesus Christ. 

Seisen’s mission is to provide a safe environment in order to empower each student, through shared responsibility, creativity, and human interdependence, to develop their unique talents and  to become competent and compassionate players in our global society, capable of empowering others and of bringing hope and peace to our ever-changing world”

During these exceptional circumstances that will require school to adjust campus utilization, formalize new routines, expand upon teacher responsibilities, and rely on parent cooperation and support, our commitment at Seisen International School, in alignment with our mission, is to provide to the best of our abilities and within our physical campus context and/or our virtual campus context, a safe environment which will support student academic progress and attend to student social, emotional and physical well-being.

We have a shared responsibility to keep our community safe, students, faculty, staff, families and to respond to newly established protocols and routines in a respectful, collaborative and responsive manner. We will need to be flexible in every aspect of school life and be prepared to go online at any time as we respond to circumstances within our own community, Japanese government directives or conditions within Japan.

Our Welcome Back Home Guide has the following underlying principles of design:

  1. Our School Mission as a foundation of our decision making, drawing upon “shared responsibility” and “human interdependence”.
  2. Student, Faculty and Staff health, safety and wellbeing central to our school operations and decision making.
  3. Hygiene and Health-related policies and protocols created to mitigate risk.

Adherence to Ministry of Education,Culture, Sports Science and Technology guidelines to the best of what is reasonably practicable given our campus physical design.

We will need to take into account three intertwining perspectives when reopening campus 

1) Operational Perspective

2) Social-Emotional Perspective

3) Teaching and Learning Perspective

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