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Changes in Covid Protocols - From  Monday, Feb 6th 2023


From Monday, February 6th KG students will have the option of not wearing masks during the school day throughout the school campus. 
KG bus riders must remain masked on the school bus to and from school as this is a shared space with St Mary’s International School students.
Should a student develop cold-like symptoms during the day the student will be required to wear a face mask. 
Faculty and Staff will remain masked.

Grade 1 - Grade 12 Students / Faculty and Staff 

When entering the grounds of the school and when outside on campus, masks are now optional. 
Masks must be worn prior to entering the school buildings.

Lunchtimes in Grade 1 - 12 / Faculty and Staff 

Talking may occur during lunchtime.  Mouths should be covered by a hand or a mask when talking.

Temperature Recording for Faculty / Staff

Faculty and staff are no longer required to record their temperature but are encouraged to check before coming to school.


Updated Close contact of a Student or Staff Member with a COVID-19 Diagnosis
The student/ faculty/ staff member will quarantine at home

  • The Health of the student / staff member must be monitored  for 5 days.  Day 1 is considered the next day after being with a  positive person.
  • If the positive person is living with you, the onset (Day 0) is when the positive person starts having symptoms or when the family starts practicing preventive measurements of infection, whichever comes later.

As a close contact you may be able to end the quarantine on 3rd day of the quarantine period instead of waiting for the 5th day if the following applies to your situation:

  • No cold like symptoms from Day 0 to Day 5
  • *Antigen tests on both Day 2 and Day 3 are negative and the student / staff member can return to campus on Day 3

*antigen test kits must be approved by the government.  Here is the list of the antigen test kits the ** the government recommended.
* Pictures of antigen test results and the name of the manufacturing company on the package needs to be sent to the nurse before coming back to school.

 The person who  tested positive must stay home for 7 days.

In addition, MEXT allows employees of medical institutions, elderly nursing homes, daycares, kindergartens, and  schools etc.,  to work by taking daily antigen tests (negative results) under certain conditions. 
MEXT defines “certain conditions” as:
Must be difficult to replace employee
The individual must have received a booster shot (3rd shot) a minimum of 2 weeks prior. 
The individual must be symptom free and conduct an antigen test before working every day and the results should be negative. 
The School Head must approve the decision for the employee’s return to work.

In the case a Student Exhibits Symptoms while at school
The parent will be informed and the student must be picked up to return home as soon as possible.

Informing Seisen:

Please note that in the case of testing a diagnosis of COVID-19, faculty, staff and families are required to inform the school immediately.

Please note:
1) lf a household member exhibits a fever of 37.5 or over and / or severe sore throat and coughing, the person will be allowed to come back to school after all symptoms of the other household member have disappeared. If the symptom is a fever, 48 hours fever free without using fever-reducing medication needs to be observed in the affected household member.
2) Should anyone in your household be waiting for the results of a covid test, please keep your child at home.
3) Please contact the school via email immediately in regards to a covid concern. Please write “Potential Covid Situation” in the subject line. Please email all of the following recipients: School Nurses, Division Principal, and Homeroom Teacher.

  • School Nurses
    • Ms. Miyako Line:
    • Ms. Etsuko Tada:
  • Your child's Division Principal
    • KG Ms. Sheila O'Donoghue:
    • ES Dr. Sandra Mulligan:
    • MS Ms. Kyoko Sato:
    • HS Mr. Alex Lee:
  • Your child's Homeroom Teacher

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