Welcome back to 2020 ... a new decade and more books!

Welcome back to 2020 ... a new decade and more books!
Lea Morton

Welcome back to 2020...and a new decade! How exciting. How many books did you read in the last one? I’m sure you can read more now. You can read to learn, gain knowledge, discover information, to escape reality, relax and just because you are privileged enough that you can.

How can the library support you as you enjoy reading this semester?

  1. It’s that time of the year when we look forward to freezing! Actually we are looking forward to Freeze and Read time. Get ready to drop everything and read when the announcement is made. You will need to make sure you have something to read with you. You never know who might ‘snap’ you! Why don’t you challenge yourself to read a new genre or a new author? 

When? Anytime during January 27-31. 

  1. There’s still lots of time left to reach your Sakura Reading Goal. Hope you can remember it, but if you have forgotten you will have the chance to review your goals when you visit the library with your class. Spring is a long way off yet so keep going and then you will be able to take part in the voting celebration.

  2. Reading is a great way to better understand what people from across the globe struggle with in their everyday lives, and it helps us reflect on our own situation. We have a number of books that relate to the Black Saturday fires that destroyed life and property in Australia recently. If you are interested in finding out more about different  perspectives of the ongoing situation ask for these books.

  3. Finally …. Taking part in the Sakura Art Competition is a great way to show your creativity. If you are a keen artist don’t forget to submit your art. This is due to the library by the 24th January.

Check the library homepage to see the covers of some of our new books.

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