Robots join Seisen Kindergarten and Elementary

Robots join Seisen Kindergarten and Elementary
Grant Haggerty


This year has seen the introduction of 15 Sphero robots to the Seisen KG/Elementary family.

The Sphero robots are shaped like a ball and can be coded to do amazing things and are only restricted by the imagination of the students.

Whilst still new to the school, the robots have been having a fantastic impact on the Pre-1st graders who have been using them to look into their unit of enquiry about feelings. 

The students have been learning how to create code that will instruct the robot to move and light up. From here they have been designing emojis for the robot to help it express its feelings in different situations. So far their robot is able to show its feelings through emojis they students have drawn on its LED panel as well as speak out loud to explain how it is feeling. The students have already shown some excellent problem solving skills and have worked collaboratively in order to build the code required.

The robots were also involved in working with our grade 3 girls, when the local Japanese school Nakmuchi came for a visit to Seisen. The girls teamed up with the visiting students to learn about the basics behind coding and showed excellent collaboration and communication skills when getting the robots to move.

Over the next few weeks the robots will be visiting the Grade 2 classes to assist them with their experiments about forces and motion for their Unit of Enquiry on “How the World Works”.

After learning how to code the robots, the girls will then use these skills to test out various scenarios around friction and velocity to see how these forces affected the robots movement. 

The hands on approach to coding through the robots is proving to be very successful already with the students being fully engaged willing to collaborate with each other to build and test code for the various situations they have been using them for.







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