Frané Lessac and Mark Greenwood

Frané Lessac and Mark Greenwood
Lea Morton

Frané Lessac and Mark Greenwood came to visit the elementary students and their teachers on Friday 4 October…

Frané is originally from America but now lives in Australia. She told us she loves to travel and create books based on her worldwide journeys. She shared the process of writing and illustrating books, empowering the students as she gave them the opportunity to work alongside her. 

As a child, she always wanted to be an artist or a veterinarian. Now she is an artist and an author-illustrator, publishing over forty books for children. Many of her books include animals. During her presentations to Grade 1,2 3 and 4 she shared her passion for art and how her work supports stories with more complex themes.


Mark is a history hunter. He told us that he enjoys searching for lost explorers and glittering treasure, delving into mysteries and solving famous cold cases. Most of all, he loves sharing the stories that he finds. He captivated Grade 4 and 5 classes with his storytelling and intrigued them with his eyeball ring and a piece of space ‘rock’. As well as sharing his enthusiasm for storytelling he also supported student learning especially well be helping the girls focus on new ideas for story writing.  As he left each class he quite literally passed on one of his story ideas to be ‘written’ by the future authors of Seisen.


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