Art in the library

Art in the library
Lea Morton

The ES library has been full of not only great books but great art this week. 

Creativity and even risk-taking were obvious in many of the art submissions. Students from Grade 2 and up (from many international schools) have had the opportunity to vote for the best art, as part of the Sakura Art competition. Students were encouraged to think carefully about their votes and why it is important to be a principled voter. 

A QR code quickly took the students to the voting form as they began voting.


Students could be heard making connections with their art learning as they discussed the elements of art in the pictures. Serious conversations and even arguments occurred as they shared their thoughts and perspectives.


It all began before the Christmas Break here at Seisen when students were invited to create their own piece of art to submit for the competition. In library (and art) lessons conversation took place about ideas of originality and working to a theme suitable for the competition. Three pieces of art were then submitted from our school in January for five different categories. These categories match the Sakura Reading categories: English Picture, English Chapter, Japanese Picture, Japanese Chapter, and Graphic. 

Why do we hold this competition? The winning art in each section, from the Japan wide competition, is the PRIZE given to the winning author, who will be chosen by the same students in April. (It's almost like the Nobel Prize!) Students get recognition from their peers at school, and beyond for their effort and talent. The winning artwork is eventually presented to the winning authors of the Sakura Book Competition in May.

Grade 6 students took part in the Middle School competition, both in submitting art and in voting in the Middle School English and Japanese categories.

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