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Communication Speeches by Grade 1 students
Serrin Smyth

Celebration of learning!


Last week Grade 1 students presented a Communication Speech to students in Grade 4, Grade 5. They have been inquiring into the different techniques used for communication. (e.g. different gestures and their inferred meaning, body language, facial expression, words, actions, sign language, texts, images, colour, shape, size.) Students planned to teach, through a speech, a topic they were an expert in, therefore exploring how they can turn information text into speeches with visual text to support their ideas. 



Not only were students risk-taking communicators, and developing their communication skills such as speaking, listening and presenting, they were extremely supportive of each other throughout the process and encouraged their peers every step of the way to ensure everyone succeeded in this special moment. 



The Grade 4 and Grade 5 students offered compliments and feedback to the presenters: 

- "I can't believe you are in Grade 1! You presented like you were so much older."

- "I really liked how you picked things you were passionate about."

- "I think it was all very convincing. Your message was really clear and I want to try all the things you were sharing about."

- "It's amazing how you were so confident talking. I wasn't that confident when I was in Grade 1!"

- "Everyone spoke confidently and smoothly and didn't give up." 

- "You worded your speeches well and the way you spoke and listed your reasons."

- "You kept going even when you made a mistake." 

- "I can't believe it. You did such a great job."

- "I liked how you spoke confidently and chose the pictures to match what you were saying."

- "I learnt so many new facts,"

- "I'm very proud of you!"

All of the Communication Speeches were digitally recorded so parents, families and our Seisen Community can learn and enjoy these wonderful presentations! You can access these via Seesaw. 

A HUGE thanks to the Grade 1 teachers for facilitating this incredible opportunity, Mr G for the recording of the Tedx Talks and development of the website... and our incredible, communicative, risk taking Grade 1 students who inspired us all! 

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