Student Initiated Action in Elementary!

Student Initiated Action in Elementary!
Serrin Smyth

Last Friday and this Monday, Akane & Hina (4C), Chaeeun & Rachel (4B), On (6-1) and Aimee (2B) organised a sale of bracelets, necklaces and erasers for our bus riders & Grade 1 & 2 students to help raise money for our Sister School in the Philippines.

Their goal was to raise 5,000 yen and they managed to raise an incredible -

67,097 yen!!!!!!!!!!

We are so proud of this student initiated action!

“We wanted to keep raising money to support the education of students in our Sister School. We are also supporting the Sustainable Development Goals; Number 1: No Poverty & Number 4: Quality Education. Our goal is to raise 5,000 yen or more! We hope you can support us in taking this action. If you would like to also make a donation towards this cause you can.”

An interview with Akane & Hina (4C), Chaeeun & Rachel (4B), On (6-1) and Aimee (2B)

Ms Smyth: Tell me how this all started? What inspired you to take this action?

Chaeeun: “This really started because we were inspired by Ms Kampa’s ‘necklaces of love’ charity and we wanted to raise money to donate to our Sister School in the Philippines.”

Rachel: “We got the idea to starting our own business of making bracelets and keychains.”

Akane: “I have been at the school since first grade and every Christmas there is a charity and donation for the Philippines. I’ve seen photos at Carol Night and I really wanted to help them.” 

Chaeeun: “Once I went to Unicef and they showed me pictures and videos and there are so many people who need help.”

Amy: “I watched tv and have seen people I want to help.”

Hina: “Every Christmas my Mum always checks Unicef and I kind of spied on her and every Christmas I think I always get presents and I wonder about the needs and wants of the people in the Philippines being met.” 

Hina: “Then Aimee who is on my bus wanted to make bracelets too and she joined in! We included her and she was amazing at it.”


Ms Smyth: Is there anything else you would like to share? 

Akane: “I’m so proud that we made much more than our goal of 5,000 yen and we can donate a lot of money to the Philippines!”

Akane: “Actually, On in Grade 6 helped us a lot with our ideas too. We went to see Ms Sandra and Ms Smyth to talk about our business plan.”

Chaeeun: “We each had different things that we were good at and it all worked together! We also re-gifted a lot of things too.”

Akane” “We all had unique ideas.”

Aimee: “I am proud that there are no more bracelets that I made! They all sold out.”

Hina: “I am proud we weren’t shy and we could do it. This really helped us develop our leadership skills, communication skills, and we were risk takers!”

Akane: “I was quite nervous in the classroom when presenting our ideas. I thought all the students were open minded and thinkers. We were principled too!”

Chaeeun: “We actually used a lot of learner profiles! We were also inquirers because we asked questions in the Zoom. We did a Zoom in the first two days with each other, so we could plan everything together even though we are separated.”

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