Parents enhancing our learning opportunities!

Parents enhancing our learning opportunities!
  • Grade 2
Serrin Smyth

Enhancing Learning through Community Connections with our Seisen Parents

As we welcome parents back on campus this year, our ongoing aim is to strengthen connections between school, parents and the community in order to enhance learning.

To support the development of  global mindedness, increased opportunities for the students to learn about diverse perspectives, cultures and beliefs within Grade 2, has been a focus for the Where We Are in Place & Time unit of inquiry: Celebrations & Traditions.

We are truly hopeful that parents, guardians, teachers & staff will embrace the opportunity to be involved and share with the students. 

Grade 2 - Diwali Celebration

Grade 2 students are learning about the origin, story and history of different celebrations and traditions in our community.

I learnt that: 

"Diwali mean the Festival of Light."

"We learnt about this in Religion class too."

"It means the light over darkness so the the light wins over the darkness."

"The lamp is call the Diya."

"The Diya lights the way for God." 

"You need to clean your house otherwise the God won't come in."

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