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Multilingual Learners - KG Morning Tea & PYP
Serrin Smyth

This morning we hosted the Kindergarten Parent 'Virtual Morning Tea & PYP' with a focus on Multilingual Learners via Zoom.

This workshop was facilitated by Ms Sheila (KG Principal) and Ms Smyth (PYP Coordinator) and included a panel discussion with our EAL Teachers - Ms Angela (KG EAL Teacher), Ms Ingrid (Grade 1-2 EAL Teacher) and Ms Katie (Grade 3-5 EAL Teacher).

The items in this workshop included:

- Montessori, PYP & Seisen Language philosophy

- Learning how language is explicitly and implicitly taught in Kindergarten

- Listening to Ms Ingrid’s personal experiences as a multilingual learner and multilingual parent

- Sharing strategies you can use at home to further support language development for your child

- An opportunity to ask questions

Some questions raised and discussed by parents and answered by our panelists included: 

“If both parents can speak the mother language (i.e. Japanese), is it better for BOTH parent to speak that mother language? (vs for example the mother to focus on the mother language and father to focus on English)”. 

“I like the idea of using 'storytelling' , would you recommend to do that in mother language first, or jump strict to use English to do that?”

“In my family we already speak Italian, Japanese, Chinese at home, so left Engish only for school environment. Is that enough or should we find activities at home where we use English?”

"My daughter speaks English Japanese and Chinese at home. Sometimes she uses all three languages in one sentence since I can understand them all. Do I need to let her avoid doing so?"

If you missed the workshop; please find the slideshow attached below with many links to videos and resources attached: 


Parents shared something they learnt of something they wish to try: 

"Thanks for the session! One of my key takeaways is that as parents we can support by identifying the 'language goal' and maybe to assign 'language supporters' fo that particular target language."

"Thank you for the great session! Incorporating board game play at home will be a great way to develop language skills as well as social skills (i.e. waiting turns, paying attention to the progress of the game)."

"Thank you for the great session.  It was very helpful as I was always not sure how I should use languages at home.  I would like to try some approaches you mentioned today."

"Thank you for a great session! So informative with lots of not only advice but introduction and recommendation of fun materials/resources/techniques that can be used by parents at home.  Looking forward to the next session!"

"Very interesting and fruitful session!!"

"Thank you so much. I’d like to try the board games at home:)"

Your voice matters!

We would love to hear what you would like to explore or learn at our next Kindergarten Morning Tea & PYP Parent Workshop in Semester 2.



You can select a topic or tick 'other' and tell us an idea you have.

Thank you kindly for helping us know how we can support our community to learn more about teaching & learning in Kindergarten.

Kind regards,
Serrin Smyth (PYP Coordinator) & Sheila O'Donoghue (Kindergarten Principal)

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