Morning Tea & PYP: Language Development

Morning Tea & PYP: Language Development
Serrin Smyth

This morning we hosted our final Elementary School 'Virtual Morning Tea & PYP' for the year via Zoom.

The focus was on how we can support language development, specifically focusing on the importance of oral language strategies and vocabulary building for students.

Why did we facilitate a workshop on language for parents?

The development of oral language is not only fundamental for students' communication skills but also influences their ability to think and understand thereby impacting academic learning. 
(Adapted from Language Scope & Sequence 2018, International Baccalaureate)

Together in this workshop we:
- explored how oral language and vocabulary building are explicitly taught across the grades
- shared strategies you can use at home to further support language development for your child
- had an opportunity to discuss with other parents observations, ask questions to the group and share ideas in relation to language learning

If you were unable to attend this Parent Workshop please explore the slideshow attached: 

Language Development Parent Workshop

A huge thanks to our wonderful EAL teachers, Ms Katie & Ms Ingrid, for sharing many practical strategies for parents to use at home. If you have any further questions, please be in touch: 

Ms Ingrid:

Ms Katie:

Ms Sandra:

Ms Smyth:

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Happy Holidays!
Serrin Smyth

Thank you for a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!