Kindergarten (Marigold) Art Museum: Sharing the Planet - Conservation

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Kindergarten (Marigold) Art Museum: Sharing the Planet - Conservation
Serrin Smyth

In connection with the Kindergarten Unit of Inquiry, Sharing The Planet; 'Conservation', students have been learning to be responsible community members by conserving resources. 

In order to further extend the concept of paper being a finite resource and introduce the idea of how we can transform old paper into something new, students created new paper from old paper, using a technique similar to washi making (Japanese paper making).

In addition, students have been learning how to upcycle materials to repurpose them as art. Students created artwork in the maker space and gave their work a title to reflect it's unique form. 

Marigold's Recycled Art Museum (Link)

Last week, teachers, and the other Kindergarten classes, were invited to view the Marigold Art Museum and provide feedback on their thoughts of the art through a thinking routine - see, think, wonder. These reflections were then shared with the students. 

Feedback from the community 

Congratulations Marigold students on your beautiful Art Museum, for inspiring us all to be creative and think about the upcycling opportunities of the materials we use!


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