Life On Land Rescue Team

Life On Land Rescue Team
Serrin Smyth

Life On Land Sale Update

Since Grade 3, Marie (Gr5) had a vision to form a group of students that would support the SDG Goal: Life on Land/Good Life Goal: Love Nature. They are the Life on Land Rescue Team: Marie, Sena, Hime, Saki, Yoshina, Maya (Gr5) & Avani (Gr3).

In Grade 3, the students learned about the SDGs through their Sharing The Planet unit of inquiry, and it was in Art Class, that they were asked to draw an invention that could help towards one of these goals. Marie chose Life on Land and was inspired to do more to help this goal. She spoke to her fiends about the vision and they began thinking and planning how they might take action towards this goal.

They discovered they had many items at home which they could sell to raise money for the charity: WWF - World Wildlife Fund. Avani, in Grade 3 wanted to contribute to this idea also and made origami and brought some jewelry made my friends to the sale.

They met with Ms Rogers to share their idea, planned a presentation and presented to all Grade 1 - Grade 5 classrooms, then conducted the sale last week.

Their goal was to raise 50,000 yen.

THEY RAISED: 54,000 yen!

Congratulations to Marie, Sena, Hime, Saki, Yoshina, Maya (Gr5) & Avani (Gr3) for their passion, dedication, inspiration and never giving up on their dream!










Some other ways the group would like our community to take action include:

  • Don’t forget/remember the 7Rs (Reduce, Regift, Rethink, Refuse, Repair, Rot, Reuse & Recycle)

  • Don’t waste papers

  • Plant a tree

  • Donate

  • Use a handkerchief instead of paper towels

  • Discover the wonders of the natural world

  • Protect native plants and animals

  • Never buy products made from endangered wildlife

  • Support companies that protect and restore nature

  • Speak up for threatened forests and natural places


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