Leadership in Action!

Leadership in Action!
  • Grade 5
Serrin Smyth

Grade 5 Leadership in Action Programme

As part of How We Organise Ourselves, students have been engaging in a year long Leadership in Action Porgramme designed to develop a conceptual understanding of "Our action as leaders impacts the community."

They have been inquiring into: 

  • The skills of a leader & approaches to leadership

  • Decision making and its impact

  • Our responsibility as active members of a community

SOLO Taxonomy HWOO: Leadership

Seisen Leadership Profile - Skills

The beginning of the unit saw students reflect on the profile and consider which skills they feel they already possess and identify skills they wished to develop further throughout the unit. 

The Leadership Groups

Sustainable Development Goals Leadership Group

Students have reflected on opportunities within the school and actions to tackle or bring about change. Their next steps include building connection to the outside world to learn, inspire, and share their actions.

Nature Caring Leadership Group

Students design their name and logo for the group with a focus on sustainability.  

Students planting bulbs in the garden during fall and learning about soil, weeds, bulbs and how to grow plants. 

After identifying a focus on Food Sustainability, students invited Ms Katelyn to come and talk to them about organic foods, plant based meals, water scarcity, dead zones, factory farming, pesticides, overfishing, and the importance of buying local.

They are currently analyzing the data from a school wide survey developed to learn more about what our community thinks about food sustainability.  

Visual Communication Design Leaders

Students developed the Cup Noodle and Christmas Concert posters, by investigating projects around the school that they could visually promote. They have been working through with different stakeholders in the school to identify their steps in the process. Upcoming projects include a poster for the Talent Show, developing a graphic for Our PYP Exhibition and leading the Grade 5s in the Exhibition on how to develop effective designs.

Drama/Debate Leaders

Drama and Debate members successfully did the MCing for the 60th anniversary and Carol Night. This included writing scripts, practicing projecting, enunciating, body language and reading with accuracy. 

They have been exploring what units of inquiry they could develop plays for and are going to interview the kindergarten students to develop a performance on their units: Feelings & Friendship.

Visual Art Leaders

The Visual Art Leaders led Christmas Crafts activities in each grade, developing their organisation skills, communication skills and working together as a group to ignite passion for the arts in Elementary. 


ICT Leaders

Students have been learning how to effectively code, leading up to guiding this process during the final unit of inquiry in Grade 5: Space! They have been interviewing members of the community to learn about their experiences at Seisen in order to create some kind of visual memory to celebrate the 60th anniversary. 

Music Leaders

Students have identified places in the community where music may enhance the experience. They have curated a playlist for the library for Ms Lea to use when students come in for morning library time.

Health Leaders

Students have been generating ideas for what they can do as Health Leaders. They have sorted their ideas into most needed and least needed, easiest and hardest. They created and conducted an anonymous health survey and asked Grade 5 to complete it. They then analyzed the data from this survey and used it to help them choose one of their ideas; a peace corner to help with friendship problems. Their next steps are to create the pitch for the peace corner, share it with Ms Sandra for feedback and ask for some money to create it. Then to educate 4th and 5th grade about how to use the peace corner and roll it out!

Leadership Week

Last week saw students engage in a Leadership Week. Throughout the week students identified the leadership skills they have been practicing and at the end of each activity reflected on how well they felt they demonstrated the skill.

After learning about the different styles of leadership, students created a visual model to show their conceptual understanding of these varying styles. 

They used a decision making scorecard to observe the different ways decisions can made within a group by engaging in a decision making challenge. 

Group Challenge - Communication

Leadership Challenges

Towards the end of the week, each Leadership group was given a challenge where they had to apply the skills they had developed throughout the week, such as using a collaborative decision making process, delegation of jobs and communicating with the community. 


We look forward to seeing what our Leaders do next...!

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