Launching the Gr. 5 HWOO Leadership in Action Program

Launching the Gr. 5 HWOO Leadership in Action Program
Jonathan Peto

For about three weeks starting in mid-September, Grade 5 got started on a How We Organize Ourselves unit called Leadership. During these initial weeks, students inquired into leadership, particularly servant leadership.

Some ways students at Seisen are encouraged to develop servant leadership is by leading by example, having Seisen pride, being involved, communicating with respect, being selfless, and by acknowledging others.

In order to practice servant leadership, Grade 5 students also ran a clothes drive in collaboration with Uniqlo. The students worked in groups and focused on specific tasks such as informing the school community about the drive, creating posters, and sorting the collected clothes. The collection period ended on Festival of Nations Day and resulted in about 13 boxes of donated clothes.

The Leadership unit continues for the rest of the year. Each cycle, students will meet with a facilitator/teacher to explore leadership opportunities in a small group. The groups are organized by topic, such as STEM, well-being, and visual communication.


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