International Comic Competition Winner in Elementary!

International Comic Competition Winner in Elementary!
Serrin Smyth

Announcing our International Award Winner of the Storytime Magazine “Create a Comic” Competition!!

Yoonseo from Grade 3B!

As part of the unit of inquiry, How the World Works (Force & Motion), Mr Bloomer introduced the concept of pop art and comics. As a provocation, students began by looking at the artwork of Lichetnstein with some prompting questions; How do we show motion and impact in drawings? How does 2D Pop/Comic Art create a sense of Motion through lines? In the investigative stage, students applied different techniques of the artist to create their own Pop Art.

Students additionally developed self-portraits by using the lightbox to make a simplified comic version of themselves.

In the connecting ideas stage, students then created their own comic panel to shows movement/impact.

Going Further: Storytime Magazine is one of the biggest school magazines in the world, used by many thousands of schools in over 60 countries. Their “Create a Comic” competition runs annually and is open to all schools to enter from around the world. Mr Bloomer suggested to students to enter their comic strip into the competition. Yoonseo from grade three entered and WON the competition!

An interview with the artist - Yoonseo

Why did you apply? 

I’m not sure but last time when I was in Vietnam I won an art competition. I thought I might have a chance to win, so that’s why.”

How did you come up with your idea? 

I had an experience of that so I wanted to make it into a comic strip.

Where do you get your art inspiration from? 

I am inspired by my mum and Mr Bloomer. I think my Mum is good at art.

What are your hopes and dreams for art in the future?

I want to do another competition then I can be better at art and I’ll be proud of myself. 

As we were conducting the interview, one of Yoonseo’s friends asked if she could also add a comment to the interview:

“She is a really good gymnast too and a really good friend!”

Congratulations Yoonseo!!!

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