How does the Montessori & PYP work together? Kindergarten: Online Parent Information Workshop

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How does the Montessori & PYP work together? Kindergarten: Online Parent Information Workshop
Serrin Smyth

We had 53 parents join us online for:

- a real time virtual tour of the Kindergarten Classrooms - seeing Montessori & PYP learning in ACTION!

- a presentation on the alignment between the Montessori curriculum and PYP framework

- an opportunity to ask questions of Ms Smyth & Ms Sheila regarding learning in the Kindergarten

Some examples of questions, comments and discussions included;

- We noticed the mixed age groups encouraged older children to act as role models for the younger children

- With the pandemic and not being able to come into school, it was great to see learning in action in each classroom and not only my child's room

- What ICT curriculum is taught? (The long term planners for Kindergarten Single Subjects will be shared after the October break, where parents can see what specific skills our ICT integrationist Mr Carroll teaches in each classroom.)

- How can we support the programme at home? (We encourage you to read, read, read, and read some more with your children! Also, you can connect through the parent questions that are shared at the beginning of each unit of inquiry on the SOLO taxonomy.)

- How teachers support children with choosing materials in the room

- The students were having so much FUN!

- How lovely that they had compliment boxes and were writing letters to each other. 

- We notice each room is slightly different, do the teachers have time to share ideas with each other? (Absolutely - our teachers meet weekly to share ideas and reflections of the learning experiences provided for students in order to plan forward.)

LINK to Slideshow Presentation

Your voice matters!

We would love to hear what you would like to explore or learn at our next Kindergarten Morning Tea & PYP Parent Workshop in Semester 2.


You can select a topic or tick 'other' and tell us an idea you have.

Thank you kindly for helping us know how we can support our community to learn more about teaching & learning in Kindergarten.

Kind regards,
Serrin Smyth (PYP Coordinator) & Sheila O'Donoghue (Kindergarten Principal)

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