Grade 5 PYP Certificates & How The World Works: Space!

  • Grade 5
Grade 5 PYP Certificates & How The World Works: Space!
Serrin Smyth

As we conclude the celebrations of our Exhibition launch...

we share with you our Live Exhibition event.

Slideshow of Parent Exhibition Launch Evening

Our parent community added their thoughts on how they had seen their child take embody the IB and Seisen Profile at home.

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We invite you to share the Exhibition Site with extended family and friends so that they might also contribute to the students’ Exhibition experience.

Step 1: Introduction

(Watch this 2 minute video; to familiarise yourself with how to interact with the Exhibition Site.

Step 2: Explore!

Explore the Exhibition

Step 3: Feedback

After viewing the Exhibition Site, please visit the Padlet and add:
- 1 appreciation or compliment
- 1 question (Questioning will help the students deepen their thinking about their topics even more)
- 1 way you have been inspired by them to take action

This afternoon we celebrated the Grade 5 students' PYP Journey and congratulated them with a small ceremony where they each received a certificate:






LAUNCHING: How The World Works - SPACE!

As we move into the new and final new unit of inquiry, students in Grade 5 will be exploring the central idea: 'Advances in technology have enhanced our understanding of the Earth and its place in the universe.'

They will be inquiring into:

  • Earth and its place in the universe 

  • Technology which aides the study of our universe

  • The impact of space exploration

As students have acquired many skills to assist them with independent research and the self management and thinking skills to co-construct their own inquiries, this unit of inquiry is in the theme of 'choose your own adventure!' allowing for choice, voice, ownership and agency in the learning process.

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What can you do at home to connect with learning about Space? 

SOLO and Word Vocabulary List

This parent version of the SOLO taxonomy may support you to have discussions with your child by asking some of the guiding questions. The questions develop across the SOLO from a shallow understanding where factual knowledge is developed to a more deeper understanding where conceptual understandings are formulate. The Vocabulary Lists are a guide for the possible vocabulary that may be explored throughout the unit of inquiry. It is encouraged that you explain and explore the words within this list with your child in their mother tongue. Perhaps you may talk about the concept of some of the words in English and also in your home language in order to deepen their understanding of them.

If you see your child taking action as a result of their learning at school, we would LOVE to hear about it! As action is often taken outside of the learning environment, we often don't know about these opportunities that you as parents are witness to, even a short email telling us about something your child did or said at home as a result of their learning helps us know how the PYP is supporting the development of life long learners that take action!

Please contact our PYP Coordinator ( or your child's homeroom teacher.

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Happy Holidays!
Serrin Smyth

Thank you for a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!