Grade 4 & 5 visit the MYP Personal Project

Grade 4 & 5 visit the MYP Personal Project
Serrin Smyth

On Tuesday 21st February, the Grade 4 & Grade 5 students visited the MYP Personal Project.

The Personal Project Exhibition celebrates the grade 10 achievements as they finish the IB Middle Years Programme. All community members attend to recognize their efforts and celebrate their success. It is truly personal as students choose topics based on personal interest and follow an individual inquiry cycle to learn about their topics and produce an original product.

The Personal Project inspires the Grade 4 & Grade 5 students as they work on their own presentations and learn from the passion, interests, communication and self-management skills of the Grade 10s.

Grade 5 students liked how: (quotes from the students)

- they created the projects from your own hobbies and interests 

- they had different things to do (survey's, drums)

- they were prepared and ready to answer any question we asked, they were very specific and detailed in their explanations

- all the projects were unique and creative

- they were really assertive and started talking to us - didn't just wait for us to ask questions

- their planning was really organized and easy to see.

-The decorations were related to the topics and made the project display more appealing

- the way they displayed the information meant it was easy for us to see the information

-We liked the timelines showing their progress

- they were friendly when we asked questions and made lots of eye contact so it was easy to talk to them

- they identified their own next steps and shared those with us. Especially what you would do differently.

The Grade 4 students will next attend the Grade 5 PYP Exhibition which they are currently developing.


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