Gr. 2 Farmers' Market is a Stunning Success!

Gr. 2 Farmers' Market is a Stunning Success!
  • Grade 2
Jonathan Peto

This year, as part of the Sharing the Planet (Plant Life) unit of inquiry, Grade 2 studied hydroponics (growing plants without soil) with Richard Mayus, who is the founder of Greentopia Japan, an urban farming consultancy which specializes in hydroponics.






Most work on the Sharing of the Planet unit ended in April, and the Grade 2 students embarked on a new inquiry: How We Organize and Express Ourselves (Entrepreneurship and Advertising).

As a culminating activity for all those units, the Grade 2 students and teachers decided to have a Farmers’ Market where they could sell the vegetables grown hydroponically and demonstrate their understanding of business, consumer preferences, and advertising all at once.

Today, Thursday, May 30th, was that day! Students, teachers, and parents and guardians attended.

A wide variety of vegetables were available. In addition, the Grade 2 Farmers’ Market offered a large number of craft products and services too.

A warm thank you to everyone involved, including of course the Grade 2 students and their teachers: Ms. Brenda, Ms. Lexi and Ms. Jeanette. The children created crafts at school and at home, and we want to thank Mr. Bloomer, the art teacher, and parents and guardians at home for any and all assistance provided. Mr. Mayus came today and provided invaluable assistance and instruction, so we could harvest the vegetables for sale. I would also like to thank Mr. Darry, Mr. Wagai and the rest of the maintenance team at Seisen for help to transport the hydroponics towers and for setting up and cleaning up.

Finally, the proceeds from the Grade 2 Farmers’ Market exceeded a staggering 160,000 yen. Everyone involved should be very proud as the proceeds will be donated to Room to Read, an organization that focuses on Literacy and Girls’ Education.

By any measure, the Farmers’ Market was a success. Perhaps it will appear again in some form next year!

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