ES Morning Tea & PYP: Mathematics

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ES Morning Tea & PYP: Mathematics
Serrin Smyth

On Friday 18th November, we hosted an Elementary School 'Virtual Morning Tea & PYP' with a focus on 'Approaches to Teaching & Learning Mathematics & how parents might support learning'.

In our first discussion exploring the questions:

  • What do you believe learning mathematics should look like, sound like, feel like? How might you describe a successful learning environment for mathematics?

  • How would you define it?

  • What are the most important things you believe you child should learn in mathematics?

Parents shared their thoughts: 

- The conceptual ideas of Mathematics should be taught through games

- It must be FUN!

- Engaging

- Support developing children's confidence as Mathematicians

- Students must be risk takers and learn from mistakes

- Development of critical thinking and logical thinking is necessary

- Repetitive practice is not such a bad thing, sometimes rote can be good for them, for example learning their times tables

- Incorporating math into everyday life is important, such as scheduling, reading the time, taking their temperature, shopping & money

- Hands on learning is needed - when children solve questions on paper they need to connect this to visuals

- Problem solving

- Math learning must be FUN so they LOVE it and are engaged

These ideas connect to many of the Learning Principles, such as; Learning is enhanced through collaboration, when approached with a growth mindset, when learners exercise voice, choice & action, when it takes place in an environment that supports wellbeing and within an inquiry cycle that fosters a love and ownership of learning. 

In the second discussion exploring the questions: 

  • What was learning mathematics like for you?

  • What was your attitude toward math?

  • How do you think the way you learnt Math may be different from the way your child learns Math? Why?

Parents shared their thoughts: 

- Math now is very different to how I learnt it 

- We learnt Math through a lot of repetition and not necessarily understanding the concepts

- Songs, repetition and rote was the main method

This lead us into an interactive Number Talk where parents shared their thinking for the problem 18 x 5. 

If you missed the workshop; please find the slideshow attached below with many links to videos and resources attached: 


Let's keep the conversation going. Please be in contact if you have any questions or would like to discuss anything further with us: 

Ms Sandra:

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Ms Smyth:

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