Drink for Joy!

Drink for Joy!
Serrin Smyth

Drink for Joy!

Rina (4B), shared her idea of wanting to run a hot chocolate fundraiser to raise money and awareness about the unequal access of water around the world.

Interview with Rina

How did you come up with your idea?

“I had seen a video on a channel I like and they were saying that there are so many people in Bangladesh and places in India that don’t have enough water, I thought it could connect to a fundraiser and sustainable development goal number 6. I came up with the idea by going to the cafeteria and seeing the HS students drinking hot chocolate.”

What drives you to want to take action in this world?

“I want to help complete lots of SDG goals so Seisen can be a globally minded and safe community.”

How did the Grade 5 SDG Leadership group help you to achieve your vision?

“They helped me develop the idea, the posters and gave a lot of support. It made me more confident and I really enjoyed it which made me want to do it more!”

How do you feel the sale went?

“I thought it was a great success and I thought a lot of people might be helped and I’m sure the people getting the money will be really happy.”

What ideas do you have for the future?

“I want to get more fundraisers happening, that way we can grow our Seisen community and also remembering the past as a time to grow and reflect and how can I do better in the future.”

Students raised... (drum roll)

92,881 Yen 

Would you like to learn more about WaterAid? 

Here is their website...


Learn more about what Japan WaterAid is doing here... https://www.wateraid.org/jp/  

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