September 7th - EE Writing Day

  • Core: Extended Essay
  • Grade 12
September 7th - EE Writing Day
Dean Bevan

IB Diploma Program at Seisen

On Friday, September 4th grade 12 students were excused from regular classes to take part in the Seisen EE Writing Day. Students are currently two thirds through their EE journey and are in the process of completing their formal draft.


The EE is a challenging and rewarding experience and one that will help prepare students for various pathways beyond high school and university. As part of the process students will have developed high level research and writing skills. The majority of grade 12 students attended Mr Bevan's online EE summer course in June and are now seeing the benefits of putting skills learned into practice over the summer.

Throughout the day various sessions were put on to help students to hit the highest mark bands in each of the grading criteria while also maintaining a balance that allowed the students time to write and meet with their EE Supervisors. 

For further information about the Extended Essay, a copy of our Seisen Extended Essay Handbook can be found HERE.

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