Parent Sessions About IBDP Build Partnerships

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Parent Sessions About IBDP Build Partnerships
Douglas Brittain

On Monday, September 20, Mr Bevan held a DP session with grade 11 and 12 parents as part of our Parent Day.

The grade 11 presentation covered the following points:  

  • The structure of the DP Program
  • Alternative pathways to the full diploma
  • University recognition of the DP
  • The DP statistical bulletin
  • Resources on the Extended Essay and CAS
  • May 2023 assessment announcement

The grade 12 session covered the following items:

  • IA coursework deadlines for the class of 2022
  • Differences between the formal draft and final submission of coursework
  • May 2022 exam schedule
  • DP statistical bulletin

Videos of each session can been viewed on Mr. Bevan's DP page on the Parent Portal.

Seisen IB DP Handbook

A copy of the DP Handbook is available on the DP page.

The Seisen DP Handbook can also be found here.

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