How can I help my child succeed in the DP?

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How can I help my child succeed in the DP?
Dean Bevan

As parent teacher conferences approach parents will often want to know how they can help their child be successful in the DP. The following are some simple tips on how you can monitor what is coming up and best support your daughter.

  1. Make a note of when IA's and Coursework are due. You can do this by looking at the DP Brief for grade 11 and grade 12 students depending on the grade level.
  2. Be mindful of the workload. In many cases their kids will be working harder during their IB than they will in their first year at university. As a qualification the DP is seen as being more difficult than A-Levels and Advanced Placement.
  3. Comparison is the thief of joy. Parents can help by guiding their child to focus on themselves and their particular educational journey, as opposed to comparing themselves to others. At this stage comparing achievements to others doesn’t mean anything. 
  4. Contact teachers. If you daughter is struggling or there is an issue in the classroom contact the subject teacher sooner rather than later. If the issue is of a personal nature contact the school counsellor, DP Coordinator or the Administration depending on who you feel comfortable speaking to.
  5. The DP teaches independence. The volume of work that students have to complete means that they become adept and prioritizing tasks and working independently. Don't worry too much if they brush off your inquiries to how everything is going. In two years time they'll be away to university and completely independent in terms of their learning.
  6. The first semester of grade 12. The start of grade 12 a surprise in terms of how challenging it is for the students, despite how much we prepare them. At that time there’s a convergence of deadlines and expectations. There’s the pressure of university applications while simultaneously completing Internal Assessments, and feeling like they need to show that they’re performing in tests to get good predicted grades for university. 
  7. Use the summer vacation wisely. The summer holiday between the end of grade 11 and the beginning of grade 12 is an opportunity for students to finish their Extended Essay and get a head start on upcoming IA's. Of course students need to take a deserved break, but the greater head start they can get on these tasks will make the first semester of grade 12 a lot easier.
  8. The DP is a marathon not sprint. Energy levels will drop and a dip in performance is to be expected. If your daughter is feeling overwhelmed, encourage her to speak to her subject teachers as soon as possible. 
  9. Email me if you have a question. There are a lot of false truths about the IB so if in doubt email me, and if I don't immediately know the answer I will find out for you.

Thank you as always for your ongoing support!

Mr. Bevan

DP Coordinator

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