Grade 11 Students Dive Into CAS

  • Core: Community Activity, Service
  • Grade 11
Grade 11 Students Dive Into CAS
Dean Bevan & Shantelle Kotowich

What is CAS?

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) is at the heart of the DP. With its holistic approach, CAS is designed to strengthen and extend students’ personal and interpersonal learning from the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and Middle Years Programme (MYP). CAS is organized around the three strands of creativity, activity and service defined as follows. 

  • Creativity—exploring and extending ideas leading to an original or interpretive product or performance. 
  • Activity—physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Service—collaborative and reciprocal engagement with the community in response to an authentic need

Why is CAS so important?

As well as being a required graduation requirement of the IB Diploma,  all Grade 11 and 12 students at Seisen are required to complete the CAS program regardless of whether they are Diploma candidates or not. The CAS program mirrors the Seisen Mission and our Student Profile and provides the impetus for students to really put into action their passions.

What did the session entail?

Teacher and students

As students learned the ins and outs of what CAS entails and requires, they began thinking about what their CAS program might look like.

Here is what some of them said they were excited about:

  • to strengthen my personal skills while improving my academic skills
  • finding out my personal interest and how much I can grow
  • I am most excited to be able to choose something I’m most interested in and an area where I think I can grow the most
  • to go outside my comfort zone and try new activities that I may not have tried before.
  • to broaden my horizons and interact with different people who are interested in similar things to me
  • Getting to further develop skills such as collaboration skills, being initiative, commitment, leadership, and engaging in more interesting and helpful experiences
  • I am excited for activity and service, because I can combine what I currently like doing, such as sports, and connect it to helping my community
  • Getting double awards with the Duke of Edinburgh as well
  • the activities can be my stress releaser and are something that I really wanted to do
  • to deepen my understanding on my interest as well as try new things through the experiences outside of school

The session ended with some goal-setting as the students prepare to get underway this week. We wish them all the best on their CAS journey and hope they find it a rewarding and meaningful experience that inspires life-long learning.
Check out the CAS @ Site to learn more about the Creativity, Activity, and Service program here at Seisen.

Ms Kotowich, CAS Coordinator
Mr Bevan, DP Coordinator

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