PYP Exhibition - Creative Element Workshops

PYP Exhibition - Creative Element Workshops
Serrin Smyth

Creative Element Workshops

During the last week of Exhibition, 15 teachers led workshops daily with a focus on the design process for the students creative elements. Workshops were led in 2D/3D artwork, app design, websites, prototypes, boardgames, infographics, posters, videos, creative & informative writing, storybook creating, science experiments & reports, speeches, podcasts and creative dance. Students focussed on how they were going to demonstrate their research and knowledge gained through these pieces, skill development to create an effective element and shared their pieces with each other to gain feedback and further suggestions in order to enhance their piece.

Here are some photos of some of these elements addressed throughout the workshops:

Workshop on Creative Dance: 


Use of the Writer's Workshop Rubrics in the design of written pieces: 


Ideas for app design in the technology workshop: 



Using the inquiry process in the development of 2D and 3D artwork: 

Designing a video that explores questions through Powtoon: 


We can't wait for you to see the students websites, journey of Exhibition and their creative pieces at our Exhibition Event this Friday 29th May at 6pm!

The students are also encouraged to bring in any designs they made upon school reopening to be displayed in the front reception of Seien to showcase their pieces for the community.

Miss Smyth

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