Exhibition restarts through online learning!

Exhibition restarts through online learning!
Serrin Smyth

Grade 5 & 6 students have spent the last few weeks online engaging with different learning experiences to develop their understanding of how "Space exploration has led to new discoveries and ideas about life beyond earth."

Students creatively shared their understanding of How Earth’s position in space supports life...

Students chose a specific Space Exploration to do an in depth inquiry into and planned a collaborative presentation as a way of sharing their knowledge about Space exploration through time. These were presented through an online Zoom session.

Students made connections by comparing and contrasting the research shared through their classmates presentations. They extended their learning further by considering the value of space exploration and justifying their reasoning. 

As this unit draws to an end, students have restarted... 

The PYP Exhibition

We had 109 students and teachers join us for a Zoom meet relaunching the Exhibition online! 

There have been some slight changes to the Exhibition process as the journey now continues online. 

What will the Exhibition look like now?

Students will choose to explore a personal passion/topic/issue for their Exhibition. We have decided to alter the focus to this more individual approach to enable us to better support the girls. This approach will provide greater flexibility for individual family circumstances in terms of engagement and provide additional opportunities for individual creativity. The students will have an online digital Exhibition journal in the form of a Google Site. Students will be required to post work regularly and reflect on their experience using Blogger throughout the process.

An example of how students are reflecting on the process.. 

Students continue to use success criteria to support their self management strategies of their online learning... 

Grade 5 & 6 were inspired by the Grade 2 Action Videos created for encourage others how to look after our marine ecosystems... 

Students have begun to make connections to the Sustainable Development Goals and the passion, topic or issue they are interested in... 

When is the date of the Exhibition?

Friday 29th May 2020

How will the Exhibition be presented?

Presentation of the Exhibition will now move online and will be open to families, friends, the Seisen and wider community. In alignment with the Enhanced PYP, students will co-construct, with their teachers, what the final Exhibition will look like. This is to provide students with agency - choice, voice and ownership throughout the process of their learning. As we continue to explore and develop options, further details will be provided later.

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