Why Curiosity Matters

Why Curiosity Matters
  • Global Mindedness
  • Skills
James Hatch

We all live busy, hectic lives interjected with pieces of information at a speed unprecedented in human history. Added to this are deadlines, assessments and other responsibilities that often leave us with a sense of being mechanised rather than a complete, rich prism composed of multiplicity. So what can we do? Why is it essential to ‘slow down, to speed up’? Let’s return to our core, voice, and community. Living within a global community and married across cultures, a day does not go by where my unquestioned assumptions are not jarred or held up to question. At first, I found this experience quite unbalancing and, if I am honest, vexing. However, I also know I deliberately decided to live ‘elsewhere’ because I am curious, but to be curious means I need time to explore. Unfortunately, being curious in a fast-paced world with ‘ready-made’ solutions is not always possible or welcome. However, as people living outside our normative cultures, curiosity needs to be a central component of how we are. Therefore, creating time and utilising a framework to enable global-mindedness and intercultural competencies are necessary. Such a framework is visible in our SIS GM+IC logo herein. Understanding and productively building a future that ensures human flourishing, curiosity, and a genuine commitment to exploration, consideration, and discernment must be cornerstones. Otherwise, we risk imposing old ideas and outdated modes of relationship upon ourselves, others and our planet. 

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