Voices Ring Out at Choral Festival & Honor Choir Performances

Voices Ring Out at Choral Festival & Honor Choir Performances
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Marian Mine

High School Choral Festival (March 2nd)

The first week of March, also known as the high school “choir week”, was filled with excellent choral music making. On Thursday, March 2nd, five schools got together for the KPASS Choral Festival at St. Mary’s International School and performed for each other. Each school also received adjudication from Ms. Mia Hall Miller, the founder of the renowned Pacific Youth Choir from Oregon, USA. It was the first experience for each of the students (even for seniors) since we could not hold KPASS choir events and performances in person during the pandemic. We are so grateful to all who supported and helped to make this event happen.

Watch the KPASS Choral Festival Concert 03/02/2023 Video

KPASS Honor Choir 2023 (March 4th)

For the first time in three years, we heard a maskless projection of singing ring throughout the music hall!  Back in November, students submitted audition recordings to be a part of the KPASS honor choir 2023. Sixteen singers from Seisen made it on the list this year. The day after the choral festival, honor choir members had an all-day rehearsal on March 3rd at ISSH, working with Ms. Mia Hall Miller to prepare for the concert. In the morning of Saturday, March 4th, students made sure of their negative results on antigen tests and reconvened at SMIS for one last rehearsal before the concert in the evening. Despite vocal fatigue, all students performed beautifully with much professionalism, enthusiasm, and excellence. The honor choir concert also featured Seisen students in the Vocal Ensemble and the International Show Choir.  Congratulations to all students who were a part of these events and had worked hard towards preparing for their respective performances!

Watch the KPASS Honor Choir Concert 03/04/2023 Video

List of choir members involved

-Honor choir members ♬
-Vocal Ensemble members ♪
-Show choir members ♩

Lula Hanari (12) ♬♪♩
Tanaya Nag (12)♬♪♩
Emi Nishimi (12)♬♪♩
Karen Wood (12)♪
Ira Bopalkar (11)♬
Maya Dale (11)♩
Kotori Fukai (11)♬♪
Avantika Karikalan (11)
Someno Kataoka (11) ♬♪
Rena Kenmoku (11)♬♪
Yui Kuramochi (11)♩
Amy Matsuzaki (11)
Luna Nerve (11)♬♪♩
Linnea Rocha (11)♬♪♩
Rina Takata (11)
Inyoung Ko (11)
Nanami Aoki (10)♪
Riko Hayashi (10)
Yua Iijima (10)♬♪
Emily Izukune (10)♬♪
Lisa Kanamori (10)♬♪
Ku Kurita (10)
Nanako Matsunaga (10)
Sophia Migdalski (10)
Runo Nagai (10)♪
Hyowon (Julie) Oh (10)
Seyeon Park (10)
Yangfan Su (10)
Haruka Yamano (10)
Ganghui Yun (10)
Ako Dambara (9)
Shin Kawachi (9)
Kai Kurazume (9)♬
Moma Nishiura (9)♬♪
Clara Nozu (9)
Sara Tanaka (9)♬♪
Emmy Wise (9)♬♪


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