Varsity Tennis Phuket Diary

Varsity Tennis Phuket Diary
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Matt Bloomer

From December 10th to 17th our High School Varsity Tennis team travelled to Phuket, Thailand for a week of training at British International School Phuket. The following is a recap of the daily message sent to parents by the Varsity Tennis Coach Mr. Matt Bloomer.

Day 1 - Travel

Well, we made it. After an early bus, a quick change in Hong Kong, and the mandatory 7-Eleven stop, everyone arrived safely at the British International School Phuket

We were welcomed by some of the lovely staff from BISP and taken to our boarding facilities where we all shared a team meal. It was great to see all the team still laughing and bonding after a long journey. Also, even though we were traveling most of the day, we still managed to get some great photos from our two favourite airports. 

Tomorrow we get up bright and early to eat and meet with the students and then begin training. 

Day 2 - Pushing to the Limits

Today's first foray into the world of BIST Tennis can best be described by one word... grueling. 

Our coaches Gill and Robin pushed the girls to their absolute limits with an intense 3-hour session that focused on agility and technique. Watching from the tramlines, it was pretty incredible to see the improvements each player made throughout this process. Although we were new guests in the school, we certainly didn't have things made easy for us.

After lunch and a well-earned rest, the girls had the opportunity to play with some of the upcoming talents from the Academy's pro-athlete program. Among these players were some number 1 ranked Thai nationals who demonstrated a quite staggering level of tennis. Many of the young players were excited to have the chance to play with the Varsity team and the mutual respect and sportsmanship between everyone is very touching.

After watching some final matches of the elite pro athletes, the girls headed straight to the cafeteria for another hearty meal to refuel.

Day 3 - Roger Federer's favourite breakfast


I know collectively we were all thinking about it so before anything, let me present to you, the coveted breakfast shot.


Inevitably, when looking at that photo, I can only imagine that you are thinking one thing..
How proud you are of your child's breakfast choice. However, if we look closer at the humble Belgian waffle we can start to admire it not as an unhealthy breakfast delight but rather as the catalyst for today's action.


To get one of those waffles you had to get there early and move quickly before the opportunity was gone. 

Indeed, this urgency and commitment were paramount today as the girls practiced hitting volleys and smashes. Gill and Robin were back delivering their tough continental style of training, keeping the girls moving and asking some difficult questions about technique and grip positions. The tempo was high throughout each drill and pushed the girls to work together to score points for their team. If you miss you don't win a point so the pressure is on. These skills proved essential for doubles action later in the afternoon as the girls played mixed doubles with some of the BIST students. 

It was great to see the girls have the opportunity to play some matches and although tired from competing, the team looks strong and focused. Tomorrow is the well-earned rest at the beach. Perfect time to relax and recharge the batteries for Thursday when the team will compete in some matches against parents from BIST.


Day 4 - Beach Day

Wednesday was our day off at the beach so the only updates were the sun tans.

Day 5 - Medals for Everyone

Today, we played some competitive matches against some parents of BISP students. I didn't manage to get any action shots as I was roped into playing as well (apologies to Sabrina for being a terrible doubles partner). Nevertheless, I got some iconic snaps from afterward that are simply impossible not to love.

There were medals for everyone who was playing but a big well done to Yui, Judy, and Elle who came out on top with game wins. It was heartwarming to see the girls being presented with their medals and returning their respects to GIll for the fun week of playing tennis.

Watching the team become so close over the last 5 months truly is the icing on the cake of this incredible experience. Roll on 2024 Season!

Day 6 - Goodbye Thailand

Sadly, all good things must end, and today is the final stop on the Thailand Tour. Last night, the girls enjoyed exploring Boat Avenue's famous night market where they picked up some tasty treats and treasures from local artisans. To end our last morning in Phuket before we fly out, we are quickly stopping at Central Mall for some last-minute shopping.

Thanks so much for the support.

Mr Bloomer


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