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TEDxSeisenInternationalSchool Coming in April
Douglas Brittain

The first ever TEDx event at Seisen International School will take place in April.

High School students are bringing TEDx to Seisen for the first time. Planning has been happening since last Spring and the event will be held in mid-April

This club is student led with some supervision from and collaborations with teachers. Within the club, there are several separate teams which are responsible for different aspects of the event: PR team, design team, curator team etc. 

Each team has been working independently but with some collaborative works between teams and occasional meetings as the whole team. This has been a perfect chance to practise organizational skills and take on leadership positions. 

In addition to organizing, the teams have also auditioned and selected speakers. The list of speakers is shared below.

For More information:

Follow the TEDxSeisen Instagram account.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/tedxseisen?igshid=gov5vejlsse8

View the official event page:

TEDx profile: https://www.ted.com/tedx/events/41752

TEDxSeisenInternationalSchool 2021 Speakers

Ashita "Being selfish is the key to selflessness"


Hana "Ambiguity of the Japanese term 'osekkai' "


Ms. Katelyn: "A Montessori Approach to Peace"


Sairi: "What does YOLO actually mean?"


Seoyoon: "Advocacy for STEAMinism"


Ms. Erika: "Embracing your Liminal Identity"


Victoria: "How anime helped me come to terms with my half-Japanese identity"

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