Student Innovators Pitch Environmental Sustainability Projects

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Student Innovators Pitch Environmental Sustainability Projects
Douglas Brittain

Seisen's Firebird Science and Innovation Teams have had great success in international competitions since Firebird was founded. The teams have been involved in projects related to medicine, aerospace and more. This year's teams have turned their attention towards the global issue of environmental sustainability by looking at what we can do on our own campus to help. In late May Firebird UMI and Firebird SORA pitched their ideas to the Leadership Team.

Each ten minute pitch explained the need, possible solutions, impact and was supported by extensive research. A Question and Answer session after each pitch helped clarify feasibility and possible next steps.


Firebird UMI : Learnometer and Green Top Project

Firebird UMI presented an original design for a table that could be used to create a study space on the Greentop. The table would use a combination of solar and wind energy to power and socket that students could use for charging laptops or smartphones. 

Students presenting

Firebird SORA : Renewable Energy and Sustainability Project

Firebird SORA examined the use of electricity around the campus and targeted possible wasted energy in lighting sidewalks and entrance ways. Their pitch called for installation of lights that combine sensors that would ensure energy is only used when needed and the ability to store energy through solar power.

Students presenting

 We are excited to see students using their skills and knowledge to address these important issues.


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