MS Artists Illustrate Our Special Year

MS Artists Illustrate Our Special Year
  • Middle School
Douglas Brittain

Each year Seisen International School distributes a printed wall calendar to each family. The artwork for this year's calendar was created by students who were in Middle School last school year. Artworks selected were created in a variety of mediums including, digital, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil. 

This year's artwork will be even more special as it is part of our 60th Anniversary celebrations.

Thank you to Ms. Kotowich and Mr. Jones for helping with the calendar project. 

Cover- Ellen Okano (Class of 2026)

cherry blossoms

August- Chise Miyamoto & Miyuri Kujiraoka (Class of 2027)


September- Anushka Mohanty (Class of 2026)


October- Anastasia Runge, Natalee, Montani, Natsuki Nishi (Class of 2028)


November- Camille Kim (Class of 2027)


December- Nina Fujii (Class of 2028)


January- Naomi Terashima (Class of 2027)


February- Clara Nozu (Class of 2026)

Lanterns at temple

March- Someno Kataoka (Class of 2024)

International Women's Day

April- Ellen Okano (Class of 2026)


May- Seoyoon Yoo, Amber Lee & Yewon Jung (Class of 2028)


June- Grace Chen (Class of 2025)

blue skies

July/August- Hwi Yoon Kim (Class of 2027)

wind chime

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